House of Lords and Commons

"A tensile strength runs through the vibrant abundance of Ishion Hutchinson's work—it is the pure line of poetry, shaped by his sun-lit vision and music. House of Lords and Commons has been wrested from suffering and cruelty, irony and violence. And, in the end, it is an act of forgiveness."
—Susan Stewart

Far District: Poems

"Far District is a marvellous book of generous, giving poems. Not only does this collection travel through an abiding language and far-reaching imagery, but it also transports the reader to a complex psychological terrain through a basic honesty and truthfulness. The leap-frogging of borders is executed with an ease that never fails to engage the reader’s mind and body. There’s a playfulness here that’s contagious and, at times, even outrageous in its breathless insinuation through a biting clarity and directness that would have challenged The Great Sparrow. Hutchinson is a young poet who seems to journey wherever his poems take him, and the reader is blessed to accompany him."
—Yusef Komunyakaa

The Garden

"It’s hard to imagine any electronic wizardry that could match the expansive imagery that Hutchinson’s haunting words and illustrator Golombeck’s sparse drawings spark in the mind as they take readers slowly across a Rorschach-stained backdrop. Pinching, swiping and spinning Hutchinson’s verses, as readers must do to read them, has the effect of quietly closing the door on one world and opening up the door on another."
—Kirkus Reviews (starred review)